Morkie – Everything you need to know

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Your Complete Guide to the Morkie

A morkie, also affectionately named “myorkie,” “Yorktease,” or a Maltese Yorkie, is a small dog with a massive personality. A mix of the Yorkshire terrier and the Maltese, the morkie had a huge rise in popularity in America in the early 2000s because of its outgoing nature, ability to be a great family dog, and hypoallergenic fur.

A puppy morkie is known for its friendliness with small dogs and larger breeds, although the pup’s personality can take on many interesting developments as it grows older.


A morkie is a little dog that is a rising star among small breeds – and for good reason. Morkies are specially bred to be kindhearted pets that children can play with and adults can enjoy. They were introduced to America in the late 1990s, making them one of the newer breeds of small dogs that are capable of bringing a lively, rambunctious presence to every home they inhabit.

Morkies owe their colorful personalities to their two parent breeds: the Yorkshire terrier and the Maltese.

Morkies get their rambunctiousness from Yorkshire terriers, which are known for their feistiness and tendency for histrionics. A Yorkshire terrier will not shy away from affection and will disdain being left alone, even when inside the home. A morkie puppy will take these traits and double down, barking at anything and everything to remind you of its presence in your life.

The Maltese is the other parent breed, giving the morkie the early name of “morkshire terrier.” Morkies get their fearlessness and trusting qualities from the Maltese, which can make them restless around quick-tempered people and children who are prone to tantrums. Maltese parent dogs also have bequeathed their intelligence, liveliness, and affection to the small morkie.

This breed will socialize with any dogs, but they’re easily injured by bigger breeds. Make sure to keep your morkies puppy away from more sizable active breeds like the Belgian Malinois or a collie dog.

Size and Appearance

Because of their larger-than-life personalities, it’s easy to forget that morkies are small, weighing only 7 to 13 pounds on average, with a height that ranges from only 4 to 8 inches. Depending on the size of their parents, morkies can be smaller or larger.

A morkie is a new breed, so the show standards for their size and appearance are still being set. Their coats can range through white, brown, and black, and they can also be different gradations of these hues.

The coat of a morkie dog may change over time, much like their personalities that are always fascinating to watch. Since they’re the dog equivalent of a marketing expert passing out their email address to every dog in the neighborhood, it’s not unusual for the changes in their appearance to be the topic of conversation of fellow dog owners.

Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese Mixed Breed Puppy, © / LuminescentMemories
Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese Mixed Breed Puppy, © / LuminescentMemories


A morkie is a hypoallergenic dog, suitable for living in close quarters, even for owners with asthma. Although no dog is hypoallergenic through and through, a morkie has hair in place of fur, so this dog requires regular brushing but will not shed seasonally.

Health Issues

Unlike some crossbreeds in which one breed cancels out the health problems of the other, the morkie tends to inherit the same issues of their parents. They’re prone to:

  • Dental disease
  • Glaucoma
  • Problems with the trachea
  • Hernias
  • Respiratory issues

However, as long as you schedule regular veterinary checkups for your dog, these shouldn’t be a problem.


It’s not extraordinary for a morkie – with its loud, expressive personality – to shine in a home. These dogs adore humans and love socializing with other dogs. They’re always alert and brimming with energy, which makes them great watchdogs.

However, a morkie dog is stubborn and tends to pick one family member as a favorite. This breed can be hard to train but can learn tricks and commands with the owner’s patience and perseverance. They are well-suited for smaller families as they’re prone to separation anxiety when their favorite person isn’t around.


A bored morkie is a destructive morkie. Schedule regular activities like puzzle games and a half-hour walk every day to keep them trim and happy. Because they’re toy dogs, they need only small, regular bouts of exercise.


They have long flowing hair, so their ears must be regularly checked for accumulated pests and debris. Their nails should be trimmed regularly, preferably by a professional groomer who can handle their energy.

Christmas Dog. A beautiful Morkie © / mikeledray

Walking a Morkie

When a morkie’s nails begin to click as it’s walking, trim the nails immediately or the pup could suffer an injury. Though they’re said to have personalities that are too big for their bodies, these dogs are physically fragile. Collars must not be used when walking them; instead, use a harness to prevent damage to their fragile tracheas.

Diet and Dental Health

A morkie’s teeth should be brushed once a day, because dogs of their size commonly exhibit dental issues. Their dietary requirements will change as they get on in years, and it’s important to get recommendations from a veterinarian because dogs of this breed vary too much from each other to eat a generalized diet.

Their weight, height, energy level, and overall health will be the main factors to consider in formulating their diets.

Morkies can gain weight very quickly, so take care not to overfeed them. Offer treats only when necessary.

Is the Morkie a Good Dog For You?

Morkies are yappy, strong-willed, and loud, but they’re very fragile and can sometimes be emotional. If you’re a single person living in the city, or you’re part of a small family with no easily excitable children, a morkie would be right for you.

These are great dogs for first-time owners because they’re low maintenance, but they’re easily injured by larger dogs and small children who accidentally play rough. Morkies should be introduced gradually to any house with other pets. Once morkies warm up to other pets, they will build great relationships that last a lifetime, even with cats.

If you’re looking for a faithful watchdog, an active companion, and a dog that can easily receive all the love you can give, a morkie is the right dog for you.