Best Healthy Dog Treats

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Best Healthy Treats For Your Dog

Rewarding your dog for good behavior can help with positive reinforcement during training. Treats are also an excellent way to give your dog something enjoyable to eat between main meals. While it’s fun to give your dog treats, many of the leading dog treat products have unhealthy ingredients that can negatively impact your dog’s well-being. 


Fortunately, there are now plenty of healthy dog treats to choose from. These health-focused snacks allow you to reward your dog without damaging its health. Dog treats containing artificial fillers and additives and negatively impact your dog’s ability to digest the ingredients. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, it’s important to find a treat that will provide the right nutrition without sacrificing quality ingredients.


With so many options to consider, it’s essential to choose the best healthy dog treats for your pet. We’ve made a list of the top seven options currently available to dog owners. 

1. Blue Buffalo Health Bars Baked with Bacon, Egg & Cheese

Primary Ingredients: Oatmeal, Oat Flour, Barley, Rye, Bacon, and Chicken Meal


If you’re searching for an affordable healthy treat for your four-legged friend, these Blue Buffalo Health Bars Baked with Bacon, Egg & Cheese is a perfect choice. These easy-to-eat biscuits pack plenty of flavor without sacrificing nutrition. While you can feed these treats to dogs of almost any size, they’re exceptionally easy to eat for pets with small mouths. 


One of the primary health benefits of this treat is the inclusion of omega-3 fatty acids. This, along with antioxidants, can help you improve your dog’s health and immunity functions. There are also plenty of vitamins baked into these wholesome treats. 


While there are plenty of healthy elements included in these treats, it’s also essential to consider what’s NOT inside the Blue Buffalo Health Bars Baked with Bacon, Egg & Cheese. These treats don’t contain soy, artificial preservatives, corn, or wheat, meaning they’re much easier to digest than many other treats on the market. 


While this particular product has a bacon, egg, and cheese flavor, you can also choose other flavors if your dog prefers a different taste. Try a few different options before you settle on your favorite flavor. There’s even a MINI-Apple & Yogurt flavor if you think your dog prefers a sweeter taste. 


Blue Buffalo is a dog treat producer that has been making healthy snacks since 2003. The company has a unique focus on using natural ingredients to produce nutrient-filled snacks for pets and is one of the top manufacturers of healthy food products for cats and dogs. 

2. Get Naked Puppy Health Grain-Free Small Dental Stick – Best Grain-Free Dog Treats

Primary Ingredients: Dried Potatoes, Carrots, Vegetable Glycerin, Gelatin, Water, Chicken, Natural Chicken Flavor, and Algae Meal


If you’re searching for a grain-free dog treat that’s perfect for puppies, this Get Naked Puppy Health Grain-Free Small Dental Stick is an excellent option. This will be a tasty treat for your favorite puppy that also helps improve dental health during their formative years. 


As with many other healthy dog treats, this Get Naked product includes DHA Omega 3, providing numerous health advantages for your puppy. Additionally, calcium is packed into these dental sticks to provide additional support to puppies that are growing. You won’t find any soy, corn, or wheat in this grain-free product, making it much easier for your pet to digest. 


While your puppy is chewing on these healthy dog snacks, the sticks will naturally remove plaque and other buildup from your dog’s mouth, drastically improving your dog’s gum and teeth health. 


So, why is it essential to have grain-free treats? While there are plenty of healthy snacks that include grain, many pet owners prefer grain-free treats because they’re much easier for dogs to digest. If your pet has a sensitive stomach that doesn’t adapt well to new foods, it’s a good idea to seek out a grain-free treat like the Get Naked Puppy Health Grain-Free Small Dental Stick. 


Get Naked is a brand owned by NPIC, a pet treat producer that focuses on creating healthy and natural dog treats. While the parent company operates several brands, the Get Naked product line has proven popular with dog owners throughout the country. NPIC first began producing pet products in 1998. 

3. Nylabone Healthy Edibles

Primary Ingredients: Wheat Starch, Vegetable Glycerin, Potato Starch, Pea Protein, and Natural Flavor


If your dog is like most canines, it loves to spend hours chewing on bones. If you’re searching for a safe and healthy alternative to traditional bones, this Nylabone Healthy Edibles product is a perfect choice. It comes with two healthy, bacon-flavored dog bones that will last for days, even if your dog is extremely good at chewing. 


This healthy dog bone comes loaded with minerals and amino acids that can drastically improve your dog’s immune system. Nylabone is committed to using natural ingredients to produce their bones, so you don’t need to worry about exposing your dog to artificial flavors, preservatives, or artificial colors. 


While this particular product is best for dogs up to 35 lbs., you can also purchase different sized bones suitable for a range of pet sizes. Choose the one that is closest to your dog’s weight. There is also a range of different flavors available if you’re searching for a taste other than bacon.


Nylabone is one of the industry’s veteran producers. The company has been making high-quality dog treats for its loyal customers since 1955. If you’re searching for a dog treat brand trusted by other pet owners, it’s hard to go wrong with Nylabone. 

4. Hill's Prescription Diet Hypo-Treats Dog Treats

Primary Ingredients: Corn Starch, Hydrolyzed Chicken Liver, Powdered Cellulose, and Soybean Oil


If you own a dog with sensitive skin, you know how easy it is for it to suffer from an allergic reaction if they eat the wrong type of food. Managing your dog’s diet can feel like a nightmare if they have allergies, but there is now a range of hypoallergenic treats available to pet owners that have dogs with sensitive digestive systems. The Hill’s Prescription Diet Hypo-Treats Dog Treats is an excellent snack option for dogs that need an extra-sensitive treat. 


This treat is specifically made for dogs with allergy issues and comes packed with Omega 3, fatty acids, and hydrolyzed proteins. All of these contribute to keeping your pet happy and allergy-free. 


If you’re searching for a treat that includes antioxidants and natural ingredients, this is an excellent option. Feel free to ask your vet if this type of treat is suitable for your dog. 


Hill’s is one of the most trusted producers of pet food and treats. Whether you’re looking for tasty treats or healthy canned dog food, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for in Hill’s selection of food products. Additionally, Hill’s donates part of its proceeds to sheltered pets. 

5. Full Moon Organic Beef Jerky Dog Treats – Best Organic Dog Treats

Primary Ingredients: Organic Beef, Organic Chicken, Organic Turkey, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Ground Brown Rice, and Organic Flax Seed


If you value your health and the quality of your food, you might look for organic foods at your local grocery store – foods that don’t’ contain harmful chemicals and other additives that can harm your health. While organic foods are popular with humans, only a few organic options are available for our four-legged friends. Fortunately, these Full Moon Organic Beef Jerky Dog Treats allows you to reward your dog without exposing them to harmful chemicals. 


This particular product incorporates organic beef, organic turkey, organic chicken, and several other organic products to create a nutritious treat for your dog. By using organic dog treats for your pet, you won’t need to worry about the source of the ingredients. 


Most dog foods and treats are made with food that isn’t suitable for human consumption, but Full Moon guarantees that their organic treats are “human grade” products. 


While the organic benefits in this treat make it an excellent option for health-conscious pet owners, there are also plenty of other benefits. It comes packed with protein that will keep your dog strong and healthy, and there are no artificial preservatives or colors present. 


Full Moon is a famous producer of dog treats and makes its products in the United States. While some of their other products aren’t organic, the company focuses on using healthy and natural ingredients in their dog treats. 

6. RUFFIN' IT Healthful Sweet Potato & Chicken Wraps

Primary Ingredients: Sweet Potato, Chicken Breast, Glycerin, and Salt.


If you’re searching for a healthy dog treat that offers unique flavors and health benefits, this RUFFIN’ IT Healthful Sweet Potato & Chicken Wraps product is a premium option. It incorporates real sweet potato and chicken breast to create a unique dog treat that’s sure to be enjoyed by your four-legged friend. 


The ingredients in these treats make this a straightforward and healthy product. Unlike other pet treats on the market, this treat only includes chicken breast, salt, sweet potato, and glycerin. By keeping things simple, RUFFIN’ IT allows your pup to enjoy the benefits of a natural product. 


You won’t find any grains, artificial flavors, artificial colors, fillers, or harmful byproducts in this food. If your dog has a sensitive stomach that doesn’t react well to artificial ingredients, this is a snack option that should be at the top of your list. 


The only downside is that these treats aren’t produced by a company with much exposure. While there’s no doubt this is a favorite dog treat with many pet owners, it’s not a suitable option if you prefer purchasing pet products from a well-known supplier. 

7. Halo Healthsome Vegan Biscuits – Best Vegan Dog Treats

Primary Ingredients: Ground Peas, Ground Peanuts, Chickpeas, Potato Flour, Pumpkin, Tomatoes, Cranberries, Apples, Sweet Potatoes, and Sunflower Oil (Preserved with Mixed Tocopherols)


While healthy and organic dog treats help reduce your pet’s exposure to harmful chemicals or poor nutrition, they often contain animal products. If you’re searching for a dog treat that is certified as “vegan,” there are only a few options available. One of our favorite vegan dog treats is the Halo Healthsome Vegan Biscuits. 


This unique dog treat is entirely plant-based, so your dog can enjoy tasty treats without harming any animals. Whether you prefer a plant-based diet or have a moral opposition against the use of animal-based foods, this is an excellent vegan option for your pet. 


Since this treat only uses natural, plant-based foods, it comes packed with nutrients and vitamins that can help you maintain your dog’s health. Your dog will benefit from a low-fat treat that offers nutritional calories, fiber, protein, and more. The treat is also excellent for your dog’s teeth. 


Most dog treats have a range of fillers to add artificial calories and other harmful additives to your food. If you want to avoid these harmful byproducts and ingredients, choosing an all-natural vegan treat is a perfect solution. 


This product is produced by Halo, which has built a name for itself as one of the best producers of natural pet food products. While many Halo products are not vegan, the company is firmly committed to prioritizing “whole” foods and other healthy ingredients in their pet foods. If you’re searching for a dog treat supplier that prioritizes natural, non-GMO foods, it’s hard to go wrong with a Halo dog treat. 

Our Final Verdict

Choosing the best healthy dog treats for your pet can help you reward your four-legged friend without negatively impacting their health. While there are plenty of treats available to dog owners, it’s essential to choose products that prioritize your dog’s well-being. Whether it’s a vegan dog treat or a nutrient-focused dog treat, make sure to pick something that matches your dog’s nutritional needs. 


There are plenty of suitable options listed in our guide, so picking a dog treat containing quality ingredients has never been easier. Try a few different treats if you’re interested in finding the one your dog loves best!