Dog Pregnancy Calculator

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Dog Pregnancy Calculator

Chances are if you’re looking for a dog pregnancy calculator, then congratulations are in order. Our dog pregnancy calendar makes it easy for you to get an idea of when your dog will deliver. Keep in mind that mother nature makes her own plans, so this is by no means an exact calendar, but rather will give you a good range of dates to go by.

The average time from conception to delivery is around 63 days. People often search for how long dogs are pregnant in weeks, which is 9 weeks. More specifically, the average gestation period of a female dog will range between 58 to 68 days, or roughly 8 to 10 weeks. Just like humans, some dogs may go into labor early, while others may reach 70 days from gestation.

Plan ahead for this big change in your life and ensure your dog is well fed with high quality dog food for the next 63 days.

How To Estimate Your Dog’s Due Date

Canine Pregnancy Calculator
First Mating Date Delivery Date Range

As a general rule, put in the first date you think your dog may have mated into our canine pregnancy calculator. That will at least give you a time frame to watch. Generally speaking, it will be within 58 days to 68 days, or the next 2 months.

If you have doubts about an estimated delivery date, then we highly suggest you contact your vet for a consultation, as they will have the knowledge and resources to further help you. Have a plan in case of emergency, and consult ahead of time if your breed of dog might be at higher risk for complications.

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Getting Ready For Your Dog’s Delivery – Signs of labor

It is essential that you are prepared and knowledgeable for when your dog is ready to deliver. It could be a life or death difference for your dog and her pups. Nature usually takes care of itself, and your dog will deliver just fine, but you need to be available and help provide a safe, calm area, and food and water for your dog. Stay in contact with your vet incase you need further assistance.

Monitor your dog’s rectal temperature as this will give an indication of when labor will start. Normal temperatures range between 101 F -102 F, whereas a temperature of 100 F or below usually indicates labor is about to start within the next day or so.

Monitor your dog’s belly and see how see is progressing. Her belly will harden as she gets closer to labor.

You may also notice your dog acting a little odd, or perhaps confused around this time. Perhaps she will start looking for a quiet spot around the house. This is called Whelping, and it happens when the time for delivering is close. Use our free whelping calculator.