Top Dog Nail Trimmer Tools

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Top Dog Nail Trimming Tools

When it comes to your pets, you should only get the best, especially when it comes to nail trimmers and grinders that can last for years. You may love the sound of paws tapping on the floor when your dog greets you, but that might mean it is time for a grooming session.

Proper grooming is essential for the well-being of any pet. A small paw injury can leave your pup in pain for weeks and may leave it vulnerable to infections and ingrown nails that are difficult to remove.

Looking for the best nail clipper for your dog can be challenging because there are so many options out there. To help you pick the right one, here is a quick summary of what you should be looking for and what type of nail clipper would work best for your pet.

Scissor Clippers

If you have a German shepherd, a Mastiff, or any type of medium to large dog, you should get some scissor clippers. They leverage the force from your hand and some parts of your forearm to make a clean, safe cut.

Large dogs typically have thicker and broader nails, so you will need the force that the clippers below won’t provide.

Guillotine Clippers

Guillotines have come a long way since their heyday in medieval times. Today, they’re used to keep your pup’s paws in shape.

To use a guillotine clipper, hold your dog’s paw in place, then stick its nail inside the circular opening. Finally, press down without wobbling the clipper. A blade will descend on your dog’s nail and gently cut it.

Guillotine clippers work great for small dogs, toy dogs, and medium dogs. You can find some for big dogs, but a scissor clipper can provide you with better control and leverage.


Instead of cutting your dog’s nails, a grinder will sand them off. Grinders are typically battery-operated or plugged into a wall socket. They have a rotating element in the middle that functions like sandpaper to cut and file your dog’s nails in a matter of seconds. They’re best used for medium to large dogs with thick nails, although your dog might need some training before it gets used to the vibration of the motor.

Best Dog Nail Trimmers

Best Dog Nail Trimmer: Safari Professional Nail Trimmer for Dogs

Best Nail Trimmer for Toy Dogs and Small Dogs: Zen Clipper Precise Adjustable Dog Nail Clipper

Best Nail Trimmer for Large Dogs: Millers Forge Nail Clipper

Best Nail Grinder: ConairPRO Dog & Cat Professional Corded Nail Grinder

Best Nail Trimmer with a Safety Guard: Dakpets Dog & Cat Nail Trimming Clippers

Best Guillotine Clippers: Resco Deluxe Dog Nail Clippers

Best Budget Nail Trimmer: Hartz Groomer’s Best Nail Clipper for Dogs and Cats

Top Pick: Safari Professional Nail Trimmer for Dogs


  • Very well made
  • Padded grip, coated in genuine rubber
  • Low price for what you get
  • Has a quick-stop feature
  • A sharp blade that never dulls


  • Non-adjustable size

Even when you are buying a product that costs less than $10, you need to consider its price to performance ratio. The Safari Professional Nail Trimmer for Dogs grabs the number one spot as the best nail trimmer all around, even when compared head to head against automatic nail groomers because of its efficient price point, quality, and ease of usage.

The Safari Nail Trimmer’s blade is stainless steel, which means it will last a long time, even if you clean it with soap and water every week. Pet parents, pet salons, and veterinarians love it because they do not have to sharpen the blade every two months, which is an especially great relief in professional settings. The trimmer can seem like it’s permanently sharpened and works great for dogs who can’t keep still during a grooming session.

The Safari has a safety stop feature, so the nerve-filled parts of your pup’s nails, also known as the quick, are safe from any damage. The Safari’s arms are fitted with a rubber grip so you can cut away without hand fatigue.

The only downside of the Safari is it has no adjustable version, which would be helpful for people who have dogs of different sizes.

Best Nail Trimmer for Toy Dogs and Small Dogs: Zen Clipper Precise Adjustable Dog Nail Clipper


  • You can freely adjust the size of the tip without sacrificing safety
  • Can be set to cut nails that are as small as 2mm
  • Cuts off only the ends of the nail, allowing you to avoid the quick
  • Has a non-slip handle to reduce hand fatigue
  • Unique design allows you to cut precisely


  • A bit pricey

Unlike most nail cutters on this list, you can adjust the tip of the Zen Clipper Precise Adjustable Dog Nail Clipper to fit the length and broadness of your pet’s nails. You can use it on dogs, birds, cats, and even some reptiles, which will save you from making multiple trips to the groomer if you have a variety of animals. Its adjustability might be why its price — approaching the tier of nail grinders that have electronic parts — is higher than most clippers on this list.

The Zen Clipper Precise has a thumb wheel between its two grips so you can adjust the blade and cut without worrying about hand fatigue, especially with squirmy pets. And the thumb wheel helps you cut more precisely so you can avoid the quick.

This nail clipper cuts nails by removing thin layers from the top of the nail, allowing you to be as precise as possible without leaving any rough edges. Its adjustable blades stay sharp for a long time and help you cut faster than automatic grinders that come in general sizes.

Best Nail Trimmer for Large Dogs: Millers Forge Large Dog Nail Clip


  • Made in Italy with Italian materials
  • Extra sharp blades for easier cutting
  • Specially designed to deal with broad and thick nails
  • Bright orange grip to avoid misplacement
  • Has a heavy-duty spring between the two handles to reduce hand fatigue
  • Features a cap with a lock, holding the blades closed for storage


  • Only suitable for large dogs

Millers Forge is so committed to making quality products that they have decided to produce their entire nail clipper line in Italy. This option is for big dogs like German shepherds, Great Danes, and mastiffs that have broad, thick nails and short quicks.

The Millers Forge Nail Clipper sturdy plier-style design allows you to position it in different angles for grooming when your dog gets squirmy. It has a stainless steel blade that stays sharp even after years of use and can withstand repeated washings if you’re the type who likes things extra-sanitized.

The clipper has two non-slip plastic grips that are comfortable and free of any wobble. The heavy-duty spring that separates them resists wear no matter how many times you use the clippers.

Unlike most clippers on this list, the Millers Forge has a quick-locking cap that holds the blades closed for safe storage. This mechanism is ideal when you have kids in the house or a smarter-than-usual pet that might be curious about the shears you use to groom it.

Best Nail Grinder: ConairPRO Dog & Cat Professional Corded Nail Grinder


  • A strong but quiet motor appropriate for nervous pets
  • More competitively priced compared than other grinders
  • A large yellow body that stands out in your grooming kit
  • Small and lightweight, allowing for better precision movements
  • Has a cord that plugs into the wall, making sure you never run out of batteries


  • A battery-operated option would be nice to bring on long trips

If your cat or dog dislikes manual clippers, you can turn to an automatic solution: the nail grinder. With a nail grinder, grooming sessions might last a bit longer as compared to manual clippers, but it’s a safe alternative to keep your pets happy.

The ConairPRO Professional Dog Nail Grinder’s bright yellow and orange color makes it easy to locate when you are holding a squirmy pet. This grinder has a rotating attachment made from a mix of long-lasting materials. And the cord stretches to 8 feet for room to move.

The ConairPRO has an ergonomic design that fits the grooves of your hand, so you get a clean, precise cut every time. It’s also lightweight, coming in at just 430.91 grams, which will make it easy on your forearms. The grinder is suitable for all breed sizes and all life stages with two finishing stones and four grinding bands included in the box.

Best Nail Trimmer With a Safety Guard: Dakpets Dog & Cat Nail Trimming Clippers


  • Ergonomically designed handle that fits the contours of the hand
  • Has a built-in nail file to save you from the scratches from freshly-cut nails
  • Durable stainless steel blades
  • Has a spring between its two arms for a more precise cut
  • Works best for medium-sized dogs but also great for large dogs


  • Too big for cats and many small dogs

Dakpets knows that many dogs get high levels of anxiety when you cut their nails, and you have to bribe them with treats and massages so they can hold still for two minutes.

DakPets designed their cat and dog nail clippers to make your grooming sessions with your pets swift and safe with its spring-loaded, ergonomic handle that stops you from overcutting or having the clippers slip from your hands. Its two stainless steel blades trim your pup’s nails in small increments, with a safety stop to prevent you from reaching the quick.

The clippers come with a bonus nail file that can be conveniently tucked away in the handle, so it’s one cohesive unit. A safety switch on the left handle locks the clippers when you are not using them.

Best Guillotine Clippers: Resco Deluxe Dog Nail Clippers


  • Gives you the option to replace the blade at a good discount if it dulls
  • Coated with anti-rust powder for long-term use
  • Deluxe grips with excellent ergonomics
  • Contains a heavy-duty spring
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Ideal for medium-sized dogs and other pets with similar-sized nails

Resco invented the first guillotine dog nail clipper in 1937, and their design was so efficient that they’ve hardly changed it in nearly a century. They are so confident in the quality of this clipper that they give you a lifetime warranty with a discount on succeeding blades if you somehow use it so much that its blades dull.

The Resco Deluxe’s body is solid steel, which makes it one of the most durable clippers out there. A patented blade replacement mechanism installed near its tip allows you to replace dull blades. The Resco Deluxe’s steel arms have rubber grips, allowing you to handle it correctly even when it is wet.

Best Budget Nail Trimmer: Hartz Groomer’s Best Nail Clipper for Dogs and Cats


  • The best lower-priced clipper you can find
  • Ergonomic synthetic rubber grip that ensures you can use it while wet
  • Can be used on dogs and cats
  • Comes with a safety guard
  • Has a spring between its two grips for easier cutting


  • No safety cap or lock

True to its name, the Hartz Groomer’s Best Nail Clipper is the best lower-priced clipper you can find on the market, and that is a pretty competitive field. The clipper edges out the competition by having much-needed features like the safety guard, rubberized grips, and contoured blades. However, it does not come with a free nail file or safety cap, so you will have to get those separately.

To save on production costs, Hartz constructs their Groomer’s Best Nail Clipper body from plastic instead of steel, but it feels tough and does not bend or wobble. Its blades are made of stainless steel and uniquely contoured to work with both large dogs and month-old kittens. The clipper is also quick-proof, meaning it will stop you from cutting too far and damaging your pet’s paws. Hartz offers a one-year refund or replacement guarantee.