American Eskimo Dog – The acrobat of the dog world

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What is an American Eskimo Dog?

The playful and perky American Eskimo Dog belongs to the Spitz family of Nordic breeds, and is closely related to the white German Spitz. The breed was originally used as a herder and combines striking good looks with a quick and clever mind. Complete brains-and-beauty package. Eventually they were brought to America, where the breed changed names to American Eskimo Dog, and they became popular as pets. The American Eskimo Dog is also related to the The Samoyed, the White Keeshond, White Pomeranian and the White Italian Spitz. 

The American Eskimo nowadays has many fine attributes such as watchdog, guarding, narcotics detection, and competitive obedience. The Eskie is quite the agile performer, and was used in the circus during the late 19th century. In fact, the Eskie was first known dog to walk a tight rope!

Pros and Cons

Appearance and Size

Height:    9 – 12 inches
Weight:   6 – 10 pounds

Height:    12 – 15 inches
Weight:   10 – 20 pounds

Height:   15 – 19 inches
Weight:  18 – 35 pounds

The American Eskimo Dog is a beautiful, snowy white Spitz-type dog and looks very similar to a miniature Samoyed.  It comes in 3 varieties: toy, miniature, and standard, but one standard color which is white. Sometimes, they can have biscuit cream markings. Distinctive traits include a dense, white coat, and a lion-like ruff around the chest and shoulders. They typically have a smiling, intelligent expression, and a plumed tail carried over the back. Their profuse coat should not curl or wave and the undercoat should be thick and plush. 

American Eskimo Dog © / EvMedvedeva
American Eskimo Dog © / EvMedvedeva


American Eskimos are charming, affectionate and loving dogs. They are highly intelligent and have a willingness to please. These hardy and very playful dogs are also great with children.  They possess this awareness which makes them very easy to train and because they just love to work, do very well at obedience training. The American Eskimo was originally bred to be a multi-purpose working dog of the farm. It is an intelligent, agile dog, that has a strong desire to please. It is a thinking breed and has excellent herding instincts.

They have a natural wariness of strangers, however, once introduced, become quite friendly. This dog insists on being part of the family and requires adequate mental and physical exercise and human interaction. Otherwise, it can become obsessive, stubborn, and make a lot of noise.


These dogs are an average, constant shedder. However, their thick snowy white coat is surprisingly easy to keep clean. It can easily be groomed by brushing with a firm bristle brush twice two to three times per week, and daily when it is shedding. This will remove dead hairs before they can be shed, as well as help to prevent matting. Bathe this dog only as needed. The oil on an Eskie’s fur prevents dirt from sticking, so a good brushing is usually enough to clean it.



Even though the American Eskimo Dog is a fairly healthy breed, pay close to its eyes and tear ducts. This breed can also be prone to hip dysplasia and progressive retinal atrophy.  Skin problems such as dermatitis can also be an issue if its coat isn’t kept clean and flea free. This breed is also renowned for easy weight gain so it is important to ensure that these dogs get ample exercise. Always try to feed quality dog food to ensure a healthy happy dog. Ears should be checked weekly for debris and wax buildup

American Eskimo dog © / DejaVuDesigns
American Eskimo dog © / DejaVuDesigns

Life Expectancy

The American Eskimo Dog typically lives around 15 Years


5 Fun Facts About American Eskimo Dogs


The American Eskimo dog is a great family dog, and will generally do okay with a small yard if it is taken on long daily walks. Eskies are an active dog with lots of energy, so yhey will need to be kept in a safely enclosed yard where they can run free. The Eskie is also quick and curious, and requires mental stimulation and a family pack walk to satisfy their migration instinct.  The Eskie is an indoor dog. He forms strong bonds with his people and is happiest when interacting with them.